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The Clap of the Fading-Out Sound of Your Shoes

, 2021


  • Digital
  • Touch

This piece is composed of recordings throughout a city on pause, though not silent, during the early months of 2021. Roughly hewn around the edges, the track acts as a concrete mixer for the industrial materials of Los Angeles and the composer’s resonating, listening body within it.

Following Touch: Isolation which covered the first lockdown period in the UK, Touch: Displacing is a new subscription project where the focus falls on longer-form compositions, to be released on a monthly basis over the coming year and featuring artists for whom duration is a key feature of their work.

Twelve new and exclusive tracks recorded by Touch or Touch-affiliated artists for one year’s subscription, with contributions from Oren Ambarchi, Olivia Block, Richard Chartier, Robert Crouch, Ipek Gorgun, Bana Haffar, Philip Jeck, Bethan Kellough, Carl Stone, Chris Watson and others, leading with “Kharabat” by Sohrab – all mastered by Denis Blackham, to whom once again grateful thanks are due. Receipts will, as with Touch: Isolation [the collection is still available], be shared amongst the artists. A time to support independent music while it still exists!

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Release date April 2, 2021
Mastered by Denis Blackham
Design & photography by Jon Wozencroft