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Desire Paths

, 2019


  • Installation
  • Two Mackie SWA1801Z Powered 18″ Subwoofers, four QSC passive 8″ wall monitors, inkjet prints, JBL Bluetooth speaker, concrete, neon snow poles, Philips hues bulb, laptop, sine tones, institutional building

Desire Paths is a work created for an institutional building. Two subwoofers playing two different low-frequency sine tones are positioned specifically in a large high-ceilinged room constructed with concrete, drywall, steel, glass, and soundproofing panels. Four wall monitors, one in each corner play two different high-frequency sine tones. Poles extend mark an open path through and outside of various parts of the building which have been subtly altered––filtered and excluded light, slight rearrangements of furniture. An altered blueprint replaces all previous signage in the building. A narrow concrete exit corridor has one bluetooth speaker playing one of the sine tones from the larger room.

Desire Paths, installation view
Desire Paths, inkjet print, 31.5" x 42"
Desire paths, installation view